Why I am doing this

My  name is Julie and I have been involved with the Occupy movement since October 7th, 2011. In the past two months I have been completely taken aback by the actions of the San Diego Police Department. Protesters at Occupy San Diego have been subject to unlawful arrests, police brutality, unprofessional conduct, discrimination, and constant police harassment. Occupiers have been ticketed for ridiculous offenses such as ashing cigarettes outdoors, and jaywalking when not jaywalking. Occupiers have went to jail for misdemeanor infractions such as jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk. Media has been jailed for filming the police on at least two occasions. At this point there have been close to 200 arrests at Occupy San Diego, very few of them valid. Many people simply practicing their freedom of speech and peaceful assembly are jailed for the crime of “obstructing a peace officer”, a vague charge. This is a travesty to our first amendment rights. Most seriously, Occupiers are being hurt. There are countless videos of police misconduct, brutality and unlawful arrests. I am tired of watching my fellow OSD protesters get hurt and feeling helpless about the situation. Therefore I am on hunger strike. I will end my hunger strike when Chief Landsdowne apologizes for the gross police misconduct, police brutality and police harassment Occupy San Diego has faced. I am not asking for anything but one simple apology.


One Response to “Why I am doing this”

  1. becky o'grady December 9, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    Each time I view bob ogradys arrest and view the ‘comments’ I’m amazed no one has mentioned his behavior and actions were cooperative up to the choke hold. I understand his reasoning for his actions after that point. Has anyone ever come off a choke hold calm or passive(and concious). The overwhelming need to catch ones breath after depravation of air and be cooperative is unlikely, on top of! that you have 3 others holding you down restraining your arms behind your back screaming at you. How does one comply when

    your restrained like that. Then the eventual walk to the cruiser with arms held in such a way that walking like a normal person is impossible. He was in no way a threat to any of the officers in his company let alone himself. That appears to be overly abusive and aggresive by the officers involved.

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