Patrick’s 4th Arrest

11 Dec

I made the flier below about 2 weeks ago in an attempt to spread the word about police misconduct. Patrick, the man who was arrested tonight, is the same man in the white t-shirt being tossed by the police in the top photo.

Like I said, this Patrick’s 4th arrest in just over two months at Occupy San Diego. After being thrown to the ground by police and detained for no legitimate reason, he was charged with obstructing a peace officer and drunk in public. He was essentially jailed for mouthing off to the police. Keep in mind that the SDPD has maced him, assaulted him, and jailed him on three previous occasions in the past two months. Time will tell if he is ever really charged with anything, or if the DA will decide to not press charges, as was the case yesterday with dozens of Occupier at the San Diego Courthouse.

If you watched the video of Patrick being arrested ( ) and were turned off by his attitude to the police officer, consider this:

Patrick being maced in the first raid

Patrick has legitimate reason to dislike the SDPD, because he has been continuously targeted by them. He has been thrown to the ground, pushed around, and maced directly in the face by San Diego police officers. Tonight, he mouthed off because he was angry it was happening again. Wouldn’t you be? Also, consider this:

A week in the life of Patrick at Occupy San Diego 

If they gave Nobel Peace Prizes for “Brazy Resilience”, Patrick would be a slam dunk. Cheers to my crass, fearless, and persistent friend Patrick. If they won’t let us bail you out, I’ll see you in three days. I am going to get that apology for you Patrick. You are definitely owed one.


One Response to “Patrick’s 4th Arrest”

  1. William Joey Dorsett December 11, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

    again, really… damn partic must have a boy friend in there or something lol. ;0

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