Day 5 – Reminders of why I am doing this

10 Dec

(I started writing this late last night, but didn’t finish it, so as I post it, we are acutally at day 6)

I started out my day today by making a sign and going down to the San Diego Courthouse to support my fellow Occupiers who had court today. During the first second raid on October 28th, 51 people were arrested. The cops came around 2AM in full riot gear, and some of who happened that night can be seen here:

As you can clearly see in the video, SDPD sent a ridiculous amount of police, armed with large wooden batons to intimidate and arrest Occupy San Diego demonstrators. The woman walking past the police line holding up peace signs is that same woman you can see the cops snatch up around 1:24 into the video. Her name is Kali Katt and she is one of the main media team members. The cops walked right past the sitting protesters and went straight for her. They targeted her because she is a prominent member of our livestream team. When she was bailed out the next day she told us she was “choked and slammed against the wall while being booked at Las Colinas”. What about this seems right to you?

There are hundreds of stories to tell about this raid, and I will touch on many of them in more detail later.  The bottom line is that today at court, out of the 51 people arrested that night, and the few dozen Occupiers who had court dates today, only 2 or 3 people made it into the court room. Why? Because none of them were arrested on legitimate charges. The city doesn’t want a huge class-action lawsuit on its hand. Are we owed an apology?


This is the sign I held outside the courtroom 12/9/2011 in support of my friends.

You know damn well we deserve that apology.


One Response to “Day 5 – Reminders of why I am doing this”

  1. Thơmas Jơachim Garçon December 10, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    Good work, actually I should join you in your fast!

    Looove the T-Shirt, too. What does the text say?

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