96 hours without food

9 Dec

This photo was taken this morning at the 80 hour mark. After a long day of going to work, then to Civic Center to make occupy posters, and plan occupy events I am honestly feeling great. The support of my friends and Occupy San Diego community is overwhelming, and I was fortunate to have received some great press from Michael Moore (http://michaelmoore.com/) and our friends at The San Diego Reader.


Due to a rather time-sensitive situation, in lieu of a video tonight I am going to post a short story and a photo.

John Kenney, an active member of the Occupy San Diego community has been on hunger strike for 31 days. He is now sick and in a wheelchair. His goal is to get the attention of the City Council members and begin a dialogue regarding the rights of San Diego occupiers to peacefully assemble at the Civic Center. You can read an article about it here: http://sdoccupypress.org/2011/11/23/john-kenney-continues-hunger-strike-despite-inaction-by-city-council/

Last night I witnessed John give a press conference from his wheelchair, roll over to the front of the San Diego Administration Building, and lay down cloaked by the American flag. Laying down with the intention of sleeping is grounds for immediate arrest at Occupy San Diego. Although homeless people line the streets downtown, in Civic Center Plaza different rules apply. Easily dozens of people have been arrested for illegal lodging who were not even sleeping. So last night, John laid down with his blanket and flag, fully ready to go to jail, where he said he would continue his hunger strike. The police did not arrest him. If John was another occupier, he probably would have went to jail last night. For whatever reason, instead of jailing him the cops let John sleep on the cold stone ground outside of the City Administration Building all night. Many people believe the livestream and cameras recording John kept him from being arrested last night.

The city council is not bothered by John’s hunger strike, despite his determination, and the reasonable nature of his request. All he wants is for Occupy San Diego’s resolution to make the City Council agenda. He has spent weeks gathering hundred of signatures, and yet they still refuse to open dialogue with him or even acknowledge him.

John and I have very different reasons for what we are doing, however the root of our reason in Occupy San Diego. In support of him, I tell his story to you.

This was the last thing I saw when I left Civic Center late last night:


Please contact any of the following Council Members in support of the movement:

Tony Young (619) 236-6644 anthonyyoung@sandiego.gov
David Alvarez (619) 236-6688 davidalvarez@sandiego.gov
Marti Emerald (619) 236-6677 martiemerald@sandiego.gov
Sherri Lightner (619) 236-6611 sherrilightner@sandiego.gov
Todd Gloria (619) 236-6633 toddgloria@sandiego.gov



One Response to “96 hours without food”

  1. James Files December 11, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    I wrote them an email, will pass it on to the Huntington and Charleston WV occupy sites.

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